Deontay Wilder has told Tyson Fury to “enjoy himself” after the British heavyweight claimed that he is “masturbating seven times a day” as part of his preparations for their rematch.

The Bronze Bomber will face off against The Gypsy King for the second time in Las Vegas on February 22 in what is being described as one of the biggest heavyweight fights in the history of the sport.

Fury is already in the US preparing for the bout and said that he made the unusual addition to his training routine in a bid to ‘keep his testosterone pumping’.

And although Wilder believes that the 31-year-old’s claim was mainly for entertainment purposes, he still offered his opponent some advice.

“I mean, enjoy yourself,” the WBC world champion told to TMZ Sports . “Just use the proper lotion!

“Whatever he says is for entertainment or whatever…Enjoy himself! Just use the proper lotion. I mean some like thick lotion.”

Fury claimed that it was just one of the number of additions he has made to training regime in a bid to gain an advantage after his first meeting with Wilder ended in a controversial draw.


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