World heavyweight champion boxer Anthony Joshua will never let fame change him and insists he’s as grounded in reality as he ever was.

The 30-year-old British boxer believes some celebrities and sportsmen cut themselves off from their fans but he’ll always remember that he comes from humble beginnings just like many of his supporters.

Speaking on JD Sports’ new ‘In The Duffle Bag’ podcast, Anthony said: ”I think famous people act famous because they’re scared to interact with people they don’t know, fame is distancing yourself from reality, you think you’re different from most people.

”The difference is I’m not shy of people. I’m not like that, I’m not really into all that fame stuff to be honest.”

AJ – who is a two-time heavyweight world champion and Olympic gold medallist – will never lose touch with his roots and he’d rather meet normal people as opposed to the rich and famous.

The pugilist – who was born and grew up in Watford, England, to Nigerian parents – said: ”I’m still roots, I’m going to go to Nigeria soon to connect with certain people and they’re like, ‘Ah you’ve got to meet this governor,’ and I’m like, ‘Nah take me to the ghetto.’

”A person who is running a million dollar company doesn’t need any inspiration from me, but the person who is trying to get out of their situation that needs some support, may need some inspiration.

”When I link up with all my boys and we talk about where we grew up and we all talk about the old days which was only 10 years ago, so still we connected, still well respected, and that’s the main thing. I haven’t distanced myself so far from what’s real in my opinion.”

AJ also hinted that he plans to go into the world of business once he retires from boxing.

He said: ”I have to sell myself and educate myself and the game, I have a shelf life … I have to build myself and my value before I stop boxing and go into my next life so that’s why it’s important to be business minded as an individual because I am my own brand at the minute.

”I thought the business world is a lot harder than fighting, I’ve created a great team and I can focus on being the best version of the boxer I’m trying to be right now. I’ve gone through tough times; not just in boxing but the business world … it’s tough. But now I can focus solely on my boxing.

”I have all these business men who’ve been to the best schools and universities in the country and I am discussing business with them and I’m fighting my corner as the AJ brand, I had to learn the intricacies of what being a business man is all about it.”

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