A man of Floyd Mayweather’s wealth and status never travels solo but the requirements of being part of his entourage are pretty mental.

As per a video from The Richest, in order to be part of Mayweather’s’ ‘The Money Team’ – one must go to extreme lengths to protect the 50-0 undefeated boxer and the upwards £250,000 sums of cash he regularly carries around with him when he’s out and about.

In fact, it’s said that when Mayweather utters the words “sick them” – his bodyguards are expected to go on the attack.

The guards followed the command and promptly surround the Notorious with a scuffle ensuing on stage after McGregor’s team leapt to his defence.

— MMAHEYDAY (@MMAHEYDAY) July 14, 2017

As expected, the Irishman did not take too kindly to what happened when asked about the fracas.

“Juicehead fools,” said McGregor, as per MMA Fighting.

“I don’t know, man. I didn’t even see them until they were on top of me. I was like, ‘what?’ and then everybody was pushing and shoving. But, handbags, we call that back where I come from. It means it’s nothing, it’s just handbags. It’s just a term we use.

“We’re having a good time, but I’ll tell you what, if those fucking juiceheads [do it again], I’ll slap the hell out of all of them. If something like that happens at the next one, something will have to happen.”

‘The Money Team’ are widely viewed as merely being Mayweather’s stooges but according to Rod Brasswell, who has been friends with McGregor since 1987, there’s much more to it.

“It’s a collaboration of entrepreneurial minded people that are highly-educated with good common sense,” Braswell told the New York Post.

“Floyd looks out for everybody and gives them an opportunity to go forward. Everybody is not meant to go forward, but he at least tries to put you in position to go forward.”

He will charge fans £150 for a photo at the nofrills hotel when he rocks up in two months’ time.
VIP Platinum will set back guests an eye-watering £2,500 while a VIP Gold table for 12 costs £1,800, pic.twitter.com/t9LhOE2BWY

— Enock Kobina Essel Niccolò Makaveli (@EnockKobinaEsse) January 23, 2020

Mayweather and his clique will be in the United Kingdom soon as they embark on a ‘Legendary Icon tour’ – which include stops at Newcastle, Cardiff, London and Derby.

There’s also a meet-and-greet session at a budget Blackpool hotel, with £150 the fixed price to take a photo with Mayweather.

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