Anthony Joshua believes Tyson Fury will beat Deontay Wilder ahead of the rematch which is just over a week away.

The two heavyweight superstars will come face-to-face inside Las Vegas’ famous MGM Grand Arena in what is one of the biggest fights in modern boxing history.

Fury goes into the fight as the slight favourite with a number of bookmakers, which is likely down to the fact that many believe he won the first bout in Los Angeles.

Even with two knockdowns to his name, Wilder was ridiculously lucky to leave the Staples Center with his unbeaten record intact that evening.

And Joshua believes the likelihood of Fury improving on his performance from the first fight is what will see him to victory this time around.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Joshua also claimed that his countryman’s punching power is “underestimated”, with most of the focus being on his opponent’s almost super-human knockout power.

“I think Fury can win. For Wilder to win he has to knock Fury completely out, and he couldn’t do that the first time.

“For Fury to win, he can hurt Wilder or out-box him. Fury has more to his arsenal so that’s why I’m leaning to him.

“Fury can punch a bit. He’s underestimated with his punching power which makes him dangerous. If you underestimate someone it makes them dangerous because you don’t respect them until you get hit.

“Fury is a really good boxer, to a certain degree, so he has the upper hand. Wilder isn’t the best of boxers but he has a right hand – if you can avoid that, you have the beating of him.

“Good luck to Fury – it would be great to have two heavyweight champions here in England.”

Joshua is backing Fury and it’s hard to see past his logic. Unless Wilder connects with the sweetest punch of his career to date, you just can’t see him toppling the Gypsy King.


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