to The Times of London, Manchester United have kept new signing Odion Ighalo
from training with the rest of the squad for fear that the striker only
recently came down from China, where the deadly Coronavirus broke out and has
killed over a thousand people so far.

Ighalo has already missed out on the squad training in Marbella,
Spain, because United claimed he may not be allowed back into UK as he was
recently in China.

Times reported that United took the precaution for Ighalo to remain in
quarantine during the incubation period (the period between the time of
infection and the appearance of the first symptoms), lasting 14 days.

Ighalo has been training
at the National Taekwondo Center in Manchester since arriving in England in
early February. 

incubation period will end this weekend, allowing the player to join the group
in the Premier League match against Chelsea. 

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has confirmed Ighalo will be on squad for Monday’s clash.

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