Enyimba head coach Fatai Osho, midfielder Austin Oladapo and forward Stanley Dimgba, have been speaking on the team’s 3-0 win against Wikki Tourists at the Enyimba Stadium on Wednesday evening.

Dimgba opened the scoring in the Nigeria Professional Football League fixture before second-half efforts from in-form Oladapo and Victor Mbaoma crowned a worthy evening for the eight times champions.


“In the first half, we started very well in the first ten minutes. We could have gone like two goals up. But along the line we gave them a lot of space on the ball and when you do that you can only struggle, and that was exactly what happened.

“We gave them a lot of space on the ball and they were so comfortable and they started making quality passes. When you do that you can only live to regret it.

“We came back in the second half (and) we tried to adjust that. We denied them a lot of space and we, on our path, we tried to move the ball quickly. We changed the rhythm of the game.

“The pace of the game, we changed it because we knew that if we were so quick against them their backline they would struggle, and that’s exactly what happened”.


“The real secret of my form is working hard. After our training I keep going to the gym, to make sure that I keep my form because I know that I’ve not reached my limit, so I try to do extra training and to be focused. That’s the secret of my form and I thank God and believe that it will continue.

“Definitely we must go far. You know with this momentum, I believe we will go far because we have already started scoring goals, winning matches unexpected. People did not believe in us, but I thank God that we are back now, people have started believing in us and we will make sure that we will score goals because that is our target.

“I thank God for the form of the team. Not only me, but the team is also now blending and they are focused now and I believe in the next matches, we will conquer.”


“Our confidence is very high, winning from one game to the other.

“From the very first time, we won in Abidjan, from that day our confidence kept going high. We came to Lagos, we won, the confidence kept going high. We won Abia Warriors, even this game today, even in the first half, though the game wasn’t smooth, we still believed we were going to win this game.

“Even when we came into the first half the coach really psyche us. I think psyching really helped us. We called ourselves when we got into the pitch and saw that what coach said is true, we need to step up our game.

“At the end of the day, everything worked fine for us. I think we are very happy and our confidence now is going more, more and more.”

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