Santi Cazorla has revealed that he has been in discussion with his former club about the possibilities of them taking in Pau Torres and Samuel Chukwueze.

Mikel Arteta preparing for a big summer in the transfer market and is believed to be among the many managers willing to acquire the services of the Villareal duo and Arsenal have sought to get a jump on their rivals by talking with Cazorla, who spent six years with the Gunners.

“They ask me about them and think they can make the jump to the Premiership tomorrow. It’s good that great teams are interested in young players from Villarreal, but for the moment I tell them to leave them alone here.

“They still have to take steps forward. They both have a great personality, and their feet are on the ground. In Pau’s case, he hears constant talk of (Manchester) City or Barcelona, but he is aware that he has to keep growing as a player and that in the future we will see where he can go,” Carzola said.

Arteta is looking for a central defender in the summer and sees Torres-who has been a mainstay in the Villareal backline this season-as an ideal candidate.

Chukwueze’s four goals and four assists in 26 appearances this season makes him a target for many teams.

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