Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has suggested that his star man Mohammed Salah might feature in the summer Olympic games in Tokyo despite having not had any contact with his national team coaches.

Salah is expected to be named in the squad a move that might see him miss the start of the season and as a non-FIFA competition, Salah must receive permission from his club to compete.

Speaking on the situation, Klopp said: “No decision. Do I want to lose a player in pre-season? Of course not, but we have to consider different things and I will speak to Mo and we are completely clear about what we want but we need more information-how would it look, when would preparation start and all that stuff.

“Nobody has been in contact, so far it is just in the media. It’s difficult to get in contact with me using the newspapers over there because most of the things I don’t read but Matt (McCann, head of press) informs me.

“No decision made yet, but we will see. We had to play already without Mo, not too often thank God but time to time we have to and we will have so that is how it is and it is not about that.”

The Pharaohs will appear in the Olympic Games football tournament for the first time since London 2012 after winning the 2019 Africa U23 Cup of Nations.

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